Terms of use

1. General conditions


1.1 The terms of use of the online store www.blashy.eu (hereinafter the Online Store) (hereinafter the Terms) apply to all legal relationships, offers of goods, orders, sales transactions that take place between the user of the Online Store (hereinafter the Customer) and the owner of the Online Store Blashy OÜ (hereinafter the Seller), registry code 14689301, address between Lõime 16, Tallinn, e-mail info@blashy.eu.


1.2 In addition to the Terms and Conditions, the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia applies to the Online Store.


1.3 The seller has the right to change the Terms. The changes to the terms and conditions can be found in the Webshop and they take effect immediately after publication. By using the online store and placing an order through it, the Customer confirms that he has accepted the Terms.


2. Prices


2.1 The prices of the online store are given in euros and include VAT according to the rate provided by Estonian law.


2.2 Shipping costs are added to the price. The shipping costs are displayed in the Online Store before making the purchase, so the Customer can familiarize himself with them and choose the option that suits him.


2.3 The Seller may change the prices displayed in the Online Store at any time. All changes will be published on the website www.blashy.eu and will take effect from the moment of publication.


2.4 If the Customer's order is submitted before the price change has been published, the price applicable at the time of the purchase will be applied to the Customer.


2.5 If there is a discount, the product discount is calculated after entering the discount code in the shopping cart or it is applied automatically.

 3. Forming the order


3.1 It is possible to complete the order both as a guest and by logging in.


3.1 To place an order, the Customer selects the desired goods and adds them to the shopping cart. The Customer can view the products in the shopping cart, change the quantities and remove them. You can also see the shipping costs and the total amount on the same page.


3.2 When placing an order, the Customer is required to enter his/her data: name, e-mail address, company (if buying by a company), shipping address and phone. If necessary, the Customer can add additional data about shipping.


4. Payment


4.1 You can pay securely in the e-shop through Maksekeskus AS using the bank links of Estonian banks (SEB, Swedbank, LHV, Luminor, CoopPank). Also with PayPal, Apple Pay and credit card.


4.2 The customer pays for the order in advance.


4.3 The sales contract between the Customer and the Seller enters into force when the payment has reached the Seller's current account.

5. Shipping conditions

5.1 The goods will be sent to the Customer after receipt of payment to the Seller's current account, but no later than within 5 working days.

5.2 The Customer shall pay the shipping costs of the goods. The shipping fee is calculated in the shopping cart and depends on the delivery method and location chosen by the Customer.

5.3. To send the goods, the Seller uses Omniva, Itella Smartpost and DPD services, and the goods are sent to the parcel terminal chosen by the Customer.

5.4 The goods arrive at the customer's chosen parcel machine within two working days on average, maximum within 10 working days.

5.5 The seller is not responsible for delivery delays or problems if the delay or problem is caused by the inaccuracy of the data entered by the customer when placing the order or because of the courier company.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1 After receiving the goods, the customer can withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days by notifying the Seller of the desire to return at the e-mail address info@blashy.eu

6.2. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the Customer is a legal entity.

6.3. It is not possible to return goods that are not eligible for return for health protection or hygienic reasons and if they have been opened after delivery.

6.4. Within 14 days, the returned goods must not be used by the Customer for any purpose other than what is necessary to verify the product's properties and functionality, as if the Customer would be able to do it physically in the store as usual.

6.5. The returned goods must be in their original packaging and in the same condition as when they arrived at the Customer. The product must be unused, i.e. the product must not have signs of use, damage that the Product did not have when it arrived at the Customer. Returned goods with signs of use and other damages will not be accepted by the Seller and will be returned to the Customer.

6.4. The Customer pays the costs of returning the goods. The Seller will return the cost of the goods to the Customer within 14 days, from the moment when the Customer sent the withdrawal statement to the Seller. If the goods do not reach the seller within 14 days from the submission of the withdrawal statement, the seller will pay the cost of the goods to the customer within two working days from the moment of receipt of the goods.

6.5 If there are defects in the goods, the Customer is obliged to contact the Seller as soon as possible, but no later than two months. The Seller replaces the goods or, if this is not possible, returns the cost of the goods to the Customer in accordance with the provisions of clause 6.4. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the Seller will return to the buyer all fees included in the sales contract.

6.6 The Seller pays the cost of the goods to the Customer's current account in accordance with points 6.4. and in case of 6.5 and shipping costs in point 6.5. (both initial and return).

6.7 The Seller reserves the right to terminate the contract if the price of the goods ordered by the Customer was not correct due to technical or man-made problems of the Online Store. The Customer will be notified of the termination of the contract and the amount paid will be returned as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days from the time the goods were ordered and the amount paid by the Customer reaches the Seller's current account.

7. Submission of Claims

7.1 The Seller is responsible for the defects of the goods sold to the Customer, which were present when the goods were handed over to the Customer and which appear within two years from the handing over of the goods to the Customer. The Seller is not responsible for defects that occurred after the handover.

7.2 All submitted claims will be reviewed and the Customer will be contacted within at least 14 days from the receipt of the claim.

7.3 If the Seller is responsible for the defects of the goods, the Seller will replace or repair the defective goods. If it is not possible to repair or replace the goods, the Seller pays all the fees included in the contract of sale of the goods.


8. Processing of personal data

8.1 The terms of personal data processing can be found at www.blashy.ee/privaatsuringimused

9. Liability

9.1 The parties are released from the fulfillment of obligations arising from the contract and related to it, partially or completely, if this is prevented by force majeure in accordance with the provisions of legislation.

9.2 The seller's liability is limited to the cost of the goods including shipping costs.

9.3 The seller is not responsible for the web environment that is not part of the www.blashy.eu center, including Maksekeskus AS links.

10. Dispute Resolution

10.1 Disputes between the Seller and the Customer shall be resolved through negotiations between the parties. If an agreement is not reached, the Customer has the right to appeal to the Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Agency and the Consumer Disputes Commission or the county court.

10.2 It is also possible to resolve complaints in the online dispute resolution environment of the European Union.